West side of the subdivsion

Hello all!
First I would like to thank you for your patience. Covid-19 nearly stopped all our efforts until recently which made it hard to give solid information to the community.


House Cleaning

Our Treasurer position is vacant.  If you are interested in the Treasurer position, please reach out to us via website by June 26th. 


  • Erosion control efforts
  • HOA property maintenance 
  • Management company
  • Declaration – Bylaws  Lot 152
  • Elections
  • Signage update
  • Meeting
  • Transparency


Erosion control efforts

I’ve been in contact with the attorney representing Walton Group (developer) and the Village about the erosion issue on Lot 152.  I’m waiting for information about the original erosion control plans.  As for now, I am trying to find out if there is money available to fix the erosion and get the Village engineers to sign off.
I know this is a hot topic to some, but we must remain patient.

In the meanwhile, please do not make any attempts to fix shore erosion.  Our plans to fix the inlets are on hold pending commitment from the developer.

Our Declaration states, no changes can be made to the pond ( lot 152).
See Declaration – Bylaws: ARTICLE X section B Restrictions

If you misplaced your copy of the Declaration, please visit our website under documents.

Open Declaration

HOA Property Maintenance 

American Veteran was hired to maintain the two cul-de-sacs and Lot 152.  We also authorized them to cut and maintain (when needed) the west side of Lot 152.
If you find any issues with their service, please contact the board through our website prairie-westerntrailssubdivision.com.  Pictures would be helpful.


Management company

Originally we intended to self-manage which would save the community nearly 55% of our HOA budget.  In light of recent events, and after speaking with Ron, I authorized Premier Foster to continue management on a month-to-month basis.  This leaves options for the new board moving forward.


Declaration – Bylaws – Lot 152


It has come to my attention by some in the community the builder allegedly said docks and piers were allowed, and there is access to the pond at the north and south ends.
These alleged statements are not accurate and in conflict with our HOA Declaration which was recorded by the Will County Recorder on July 05, 2012

It has also come to our attention there was a letter from Foster Premier dated August 7, 2017 which addressed docks, piers and unauthorized changes to HOA property. 

Please review Article X  Section A&B

At closing you received a copy of the HOA Declaration. If you misplaced your copy of the Declaration,  a copy is available on our HOA website under Documents.


Also, from what I learned, our HOA is only insured by what is in the Declaration, anything other than what is stated in the Declaration, we as an HOA can be liable for, as well as the individual who made unauthorized changes.

My solution would give pond lot owners first rights ability to add a pier/dock to the HOA property behind their home.  My solution will require amendments to the current Declaration and a change to our insurance. As of now, I believe we can get this done with little to no increase to the HOA fee.

If you have a solution, we would be happy to consider.  Please contact us through the website.

You can help
We are looking to establish a special committee (3 persons different addresses) to assign the tasks of getting insurance quotes, drafting bylaws and drafting restrictions. 

Please contact the board through our website if you are interested in helping.


Per my conversation with Foster Premier, elections will be held sometime in August, maybe sooner.  Please keep a lookout for mail coming from Foster Premier.

Speaking for myself, I will be more than happy to assist in the transition. 


Subdivision Sign Update

Nothing more has happened since our last meeting; our discussions are ongoing with Village and the developer.  The sign is something the developer owes us, not something we as an HOA are paying for.  I believe a few people thought the sign was paid for through HOA fees, that is not the case.


Nothing is scheduled due to Covid-19 restrictions. We looked into Zoom, FB, YouTube, still open for discussion.



In an effort to share information with the community, we tried the Homeowners of Prairie Trails FB group. After giving the page a try, we felt it was not in the best interest of the board to manage comments. After all, this is a volunteer position.

Next, I decided to create a HOA FB page for notification purposes only. Unfortunately a few expressed it was wrong for us to turn off commenting, citing “it was taking away their voice”.
With that said, I added a form specifically for HOA questions.  You can find this form on both FB pages and on the homepage of the website.

If you have questions, please complete the form.  We will answer your question via email or at the next meeting. 
Your questions matter, so please feel free to ask. 

HOA President
Jack L. Lombardi II

If you have any questions or concerns, please send a message through the website or through the form below.