Prairie-Western Trails Homeowner’s Association

Meeting Minutes-Dec 10th, 2019


Call To Order

The meeting was called to order at 6:30pm on 12/10/2019

Roll Call

Board Members in Attendance: Jack Lombardi, Dan Giordano and Ron Adamski

Approve Minutes

None to approve

Treasurer Report

Dan gave an update on the current and past budget.

New Business

Meeting started at 6:30pm with introductions of the board. Meeting was an open discussion with the purpose of updating the HOA members on various subjects.

The following subjects were discussed.

-Village Meeting with Kevin Sing, Village Administrator and Marc Nelson, Community Development and Building Department: Ron gave an update on the meeting which included the cleaning up Arabian Road to include Cachey sign removal, cement blocks, light post. Discussed street clean up requirements and village once a year street sweeps with no other requirements. Street sweeping did occur on 12/10/19. HOA sign, location, issues, funding were discussed and the history of property.

-Management Company Meeting: In attendance was Jack Lombardi, Ron Adamski and Tracy Suntken. Jack discussed the meeting with Premier which included discussions on Contract, documents, Delinquent accounts. Tracy was very personable and an open and honest discussion occurred about future. Ala-cart services. Jack explained to HOA his position on the management company. We need make sure we don’t move to fast without understanding the unknowns and logistics such as accounting, insurance and legal matters such as property transfers.

Website: Jack Introduced the HOA website.

Website is a work in progress and plans to add members only section to be able to sign up for access to HOA Documents and Budgets.

Committees: Jack discussed local commitees and kids style HOA sponsored party. Susan _____ volunteered to run the committee after direction from the Board. Ron brought up maybe adding Rentention pond committee and Sign committee

-2020 Budget Meeting: Meeting will be within 30-45 days.


Open Discussion/Questions/Comments

-Permit signature requirements. The President is the only authorized approval at this time. Jack will continue this policy but look at full board signing authority if needed.

-Management company concerns. Costs, Contract terms and future.

-Lien on those past due.

-Premier Contract. Month to month and concern about 90 day to terminate.

-Retention Pond. Flooding concerns.

-FB HOA ownership

Meeting adjourned at 7:30pm