HOA Penalties are found in our Declaration Article X

  1. Abatement and Enjoyment. The violation of any restriction or condition or regulation adopted by the Board, or the breach of any covenant or provision contained in this Declaration shall give the Board the right, in addition to the rights set forth elsewhere in this Declaration: (i) to enter upon that part of the Property and Maintenance Area where such violation or breach exists and summarily abate and remove, at the expense of the defaulting Owner, any structure, thing or condition that may exist thereon contrary to the intent and provisions hereof, and the Declarant, or successors or assign, or the Board, or its agents, shall not thereby be deemed guilty in any manner of trespass, or (ii) to enjoin, abate, or remedy by appropriate legal proceeding, either at law or in equity, the continuance of any breach. All expenses of the Board in connection with such actions and proceedings, including court costs and attorneys; fees and expenses, and all damages, liquidated or otherwise, together with interest thereon at rate of twelve percent (12%) per annum until paid, shall be charged to and assessed against such defaulting Owner.