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HOA Meeting: August 23, 2020  @ 6 to 6:45pm

Per Village of Manhattan and State of Illinois rules, gatherings are limited to 50 persons.
We are asking for one person per household.

We are holding two meetings, one at 5pm and the second at 6pm; therefore will require homeowners to secure their spot via registration form below.

Meeting will run 45 mins, sharp!

Meeting will be a status type meeting, so no questions will be answered at the meeting.  If you have a question for the board, please go to the main page and submit your question using the Questions for the board section.  

If you are not able to make either meeting, meeting Minutes will be available on the website.

Per our Declaration, the board is required to give 30 day notice of said meeting; we are shooting for mid to late August but you must preregister now.  If you fail to preregister, we can not guarantee your spot at the meeting.

HOA President
Jack Lombardi II

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