HOA Property Clean up behind 24408 S. Clydesdale Court

Per our HOA Declaration, modifications to HOA property are strictly prohibited, which include but not limited to; docks, piers, unapproved landscaping, steps…   Unfortunately the homeowner responsible for the unauthorized modifications sold their home before we were able to address the issue; leaving the HOA to restore the property back to it’s original landscape.  The cost to our HOA could had been avoided if the Declaration was followed enforced prior to the homeowner selling their home.
Per our HOA Declaration, the Board can approve property management costs under $5000.00 per incident without the 2/3 quorum approval.

Board approval: Unanimous

Project details:  As part of our Shoreline erosion project, the HOA had to remove unauthorized landscaping ie. vegetation, stone, steps, a pier and a dock form the location behind 24408 S. Clydesdale Court.

Mitigation plan:  The HOA board will not allow this to happen again.
The board has agreed to remove all modification from the retention pond starting Nov. 2nd, 2020.  Any homeowner who fails to restore the shoreline will be given 30 days to reimburse the HOA; after 30 days the board will place a lien against their property for the removal/revamp, interest, filing fees, attorney fees, court fees and any fee which is occurred as a result of their unwilling to follow our HOA Declaration.

Below is the complete cost to restore our HOA property.